Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mr Chest, Mistresses and the sound of a penny dropping....

well... I am left to ponder no longer as to Mr Chests intentions... turns out he is married!

Something he was forced to admit when it became very apparent that despite the fact he was desperate to speak to me on the phone to arrange meeting he didnt want to give me his number...

He has tried explaining that he is unhappy in his marriage, so I told him to end it and then look me up - to which he replied "I'm scared, I want to meet you first". Do all men really think we are that gullible?!

I told him if he was being genuine to suck it up, stop being a fanny and to get on with it, and that if he wasnt being genuine I didnt wanna know anyway - too harsh maybe...?

Either way, Mr Chest is no longer....

I can only hope for something a little less married in my in box tonight!

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